Sunday, May 19, 2013

Revlon Colorsilk Dark Auburn

Hai hai~. Last 2 weeks just did a hair dye on my hair. Cause am feeling like wanted to dye it brown kinda red thingy, so I choose this one!

The box comes with conditioner, instruction, pair of glove, hair color and the mixture!

Oh and don't forget this conditioner to be used after you had your shampoo and then you use this and rinse it off! Because I normally use liese, and the conditioner of liese don't have to be rinsed so I almost end up not rinse my hair lol

Here is the before:

Look at the mess in my clothes! :x

Oh.. and I got a stain too because of the hair dye :( . Luckily I can get rid of it. If your wonder how I do it.. simply just rub olive oil on it or you also can try to remove it with nail polish remover :)

And the after:

Actually the color not really show off if there is no light. But even there is a light, you can't really differentiate it. Oh well.. next time I will buy brighter color for sure :p

Leave a comment down below if you have any question ^^~

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