Sunday, May 5, 2013

S'more Anyone?

Have you ever heard of S'more before? I have never heard that before until I watch korean drama which is To The Beautiful You lol. Basically you need a few ingredients only.. and its really simple to make it!
Ingredients: any cracker, chocolate, marshmallow.
So basically I'm using sugar cracker as its taste yummier than plain cracker haha. Then dark chocolate and big marshmallow. Next thing...

Put the chocolate on top of the cracker. Remember to put the sugar side like in the picture or else it won't be as nice as what it should be lol. And then put marshmallow according to the picture. I'm putting two marshmallow on it, actually one is enough already but I never know it haha.

Put in microwave on the lowest temperature for few seconds. Don't leave it!! You must totally watching it or else it will be burn :s . And it should come out like this.

Squeeze it with one more cracker and form it like a burger and you are done!

Trust me.. one will never be enough! :9


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