Friday, May 10, 2013

Chatime SS2

So, 2 days ago I just having my interview in SS2. Its really hard to go there as the only way to reach there is only by cab, and its not cheap as well -_- . So, I go there by cab and my interviewer ask me just go to chatime and have a seat in there. Of course I can't just sit in there without buying anything right? So I end up buying passion fruit qq... andddd guess what? The waiter was making a wrong drink so end up getting 2 drinks instead of 1 as a gift! lolol

Oh and the place is nice too! Not like the branch in sunway pyramid which is basically more like a stand up counter. In here you can sit and enjoy your drink while listen to the song that have been provided in there and also you can browsing through your gadget as they provided wi-fi too =D

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