Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Being honest.. I don't like people who only big talk without proving it. Like you know.. those people who say that they will do something like this and that and turns out they just "saying it only". That is why when some people talk to me that they want to do this and that.. I will just silent and listen to them :) . Cause then at the end I will know... the "things" that they are talking about going to be happen or just #sorrytobeharsh bullshit and big talk only. 

So please people! Don't only talk much without any action.. I would rather those people who talk nothing but give more action or at least prove me something and prove to yourself that you have the responsibility of what you are saying cause that kind of people is more impressive isn't it? ;)

And when you do that without any action.. it will lower someone else expectation. Like... maybe you will gonna do it at then end.. but because you always not prove anything before hand, it will make other people think "meh.. she/he will not gonna do that" or "duh.. that thing won't be happen". Anyway it just my random opinion. Peace out! ;)


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