Friday, May 3, 2013

Work Your Ass Out!!!

Throwback to my senior high school. I really enjoying my activities back then. Cheerleading, I like this one so I can skip many classes just for doing some practice for the upcoming event.. And also modern dance. Since my school just have 1 group that will cover up all the event in school, so my dance group always end up be the one whose gonna perform. I like it very much cause I can skip more classes with this one too! lololol.
Okay so I just see my old dance video and... wtf am I doing in the video?? Really embarrassing to see it haha -_- . This video is about me and my girls trying to compete in Let's Dance competition which is kind off a big competition in Indonesia.

Can you spot which one is me? hahahahaha.

And this video below I perform in my school enemy base camp.. Only my sister cheers us up at the end. Can it be more awkward? -___-

Basically when you have a competition, it will be really tough if you going to perform in your enemy place. Like... my school have enemy with school "A". So when me and my group perform in there, all the audience is just quite.. *krik krik*. It's hella awkwardddd!!

And when I study in Singapore back then, I also join dance class too in there! Here in Malaysia I also want to attend classes but feel like really down cause long time never do it already :|

When I say dance. It means dance like this.. not a lame dance like mine hahaha.

Andddd. This kids was just plain nuts and AMAZING!! What a cutie pie :3

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